Sunday, June 19, 2011

Electronic records mandate strains rural hospitals - Turn to the Cloud for help!

I came across this article about the adoption of electronic medical records in rural hospitals and the following quote really stood out -

"Even if hospitals and clinics do get the money to buy a system, says Wivoda, 'There is the matter of finding the help to do it. Most rural hospitals don't have many, if any, IT people, let alone a health care IT person. There is a massive shortage there.'"

A flawed assumption reflected by this quote is that hospitals and clinics have to "buy a system" that requires "IT people" to install it. Cloud computing solves this dilemma in a much more efficient and practical manner. By moving to cloud-computing, these organizations can utilize software-as-a-service ("SaaS") offerings to meet the "meaningful use" mandates. This means that, rather than buying servers and software, you are able to access these capabilities securely via the Web from a provider who continuously updates the system and supports the infrastructure required to support it.

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