Sunday, December 14, 2008

eROI Study - Nothing Beats Texting

High school and college students greatly prefer texting over all other modes of communication including email according to a recent study by eROI. Given ChaCha's ability to reach this demographic with Rich SMS Advertising, I found this study particularly interesting! This further evidences what we are experiencing first-hand: Response rates to targeted text advertising are 5 - 10X better than any other form of mobile marketing.


Ryan said...

glad you liked our study Brad. If your readers want to view the full report, it's free at this URL:

Ryan Buchanan

Brad Bostic said...

Thanks for the link to the full study, Ryan. Keep up the great work!

Brad Bostic said...

Ryan - Have you taken a look at ChaCha's mobile marketing capabilities? I'd be happy to line up a GoToMeeting to talk you through our capabilities and results with the high school and college demo.