Wednesday, December 31, 2008

ChaCha Nominated by TechCrunch as Best Mobile Startup

We learned recently that ChaCha has been nominated for a TechCrunch "Crunchie" award as Best Mobile Startup for 2008. We appreciate the nomination and would love your support! Please cast your vote for Best Mobile Startup at this link -

Sunday, December 14, 2008

eROI Study - Nothing Beats Texting

High school and college students greatly prefer texting over all other modes of communication including email according to a recent study by eROI. Given ChaCha's ability to reach this demographic with Rich SMS Advertising, I found this study particularly interesting! This further evidences what we are experiencing first-hand: Response rates to targeted text advertising are 5 - 10X better than any other form of mobile marketing.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nielsen Reports - ChaCha Growth Explodes 300% to 28% Market Share

The title says it all - ChaCha is continuing to prove that the service is much more useful that first-generation algorithmic search engines on mobile. You can read the details here.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

ChaCha & AT&T Forge Strategic Alliance

I wanted to share the news that AT&T announced a strategic alliance with ChaCha yesterday. The alliance will benefit both companies in many ways.

For ChaCha, the relationship means that AT&T is aligned with our 1-800-2ChaCha service and that they will be recommending our mobile advertising capabilities to AT&T advertisers. Aligning with the largest wireless carrier in the United States is an important strategic win for ChaCha and we expect the relationship to benefit our user base in many ways that we will be announcing on occassion over the coming months. It will also help further increase our rapidly growing base of businesses that are turning to ChaCha to drive superior results with their ad dollars.

AT&T will gain valuable brand alignment with ChaCha and exposure to the coveted 16 - 25 year old demographic. Now when you call 800-2ChaCha you will hear "Brought to you by AT&T" which is the first step in rolling out the public-facing elements of our partnership.

There will be more to come on this - please let me know what you think!