Saturday, June 7, 2008

David Pogue On ChaCha in the NY Times

On the front page of the Business section in the NY Times this week, DAVID POGUE reviewed notable cell phone services that can be accessed simply by making a phone call. ChaCha was one of those services and, luckily for us, was the only one to get a big image included with the story! Here is an excerpt from the story.

"ChaCha. Here’s another voice-activated service (800-2CHACHA) — but this time, you can ask any question at all. “What’s that German word that means, ‘pleasure from other people’s pain’?” Or “Who ran against Abraham Lincoln for president?” Or “What’s on the front page of today’s New York Times?” Or “How do you jump the battery in a Prius?” Or “Where’s the cheapest gas in southeast Connecticut right now?” Or “What’s the last flight to New York out of O’Hare Airport?” Just about anything, in fact, you could find on the Web.

After 30 seconds, you get a text message confirming that ChaCha is working on your question. A minute or two later, you get the answer, typed out in friendly English (“Thanks for asking!”), as though there were a real person on the other end.

...ChaCha does a tantalizingly good impersonation of a personal concierge who caters to your whims, and saves the day with amazing frequency. Best of all, there’s no fee, no software, no signup or registration; you can dial it right this instant."


Joaquin Murieta said...

Hi Brad. Great stuff and great service. traveling to Carmel IN this summer.

Tim said...
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