Thursday, April 24, 2008

Walt Discusses ChaCha in the WSJ and on CNBC

ChaCha was featured today in the Personal Technology section of the Wall Street Journal. In this video, Walt talks about our mobile answers service. How does 1-800-2ChaCha work for you? Post a comment to let me know!

Answers in the palm of your hand, with Walter Mossberg, Wall Street Journal and CNBC's Michelle Caruso Cabrera


kate said...

Just tried it out- it is great. Read the WSJ article and signed up to becoem a guide. Hope I hear from you. I have 2 blogs :>

Bob said...

great "free" service, but if you charged for it, in my opinion, like all things with an internet/mobile price tag your volume would evaporate, so the 1? you would be my only guide for, how do you monetize this, other than flipping it, so that it's sustainable and it can continue to be "great"? To date, the free 411 guys are building great burn rates, not too tough competing against $1.50 carrier alternatives. Please tell me you'll live on and not burn so brightly!

Brad Bostic said...

Bob, thanks for the post and for using ChaCha. I often get the monetization q. you raise. ChaCha has multiple revenue opportunities including online sponsorships via and enhanced offers when they add value for the customer via mobile. Don't be surprised to also see ChaCha powered features emerge as an extension to paid 411 services. These are just a few examples - we are working around the clock to invent many things including the optimal monetization models for mobile.

Brad Bostic said...

Kate - Glad to hear that ChaCha is proving to be valuable for you and that you signed up to be a guide! Best, --Brad

sami said...

I still dont understand how you guys afford to pay the guides. Im a guide myself and how do you afford it without losing massive money? I dont see any ads on the website, the severs, web developers, guides, how do you afford it? It only has to be time until you start charging.

Brad Bostic said...

Sami thanks for the comment. Take a look at my response to bob on this same post. ChaCha's user growth is exponentially increasing and with our outstanding mobile user experience we have a multitude of monetization opportunities that enhance the user experience for our customers.

Michael Kranitz said...

Brad, I have two questions:
1. Are you related to C. Dent Bostic (former Dean of Vanderbilt Law School)

2. Do you have plans to include a classified ad search? If so, please contact me! We run


Brad Bostic said...


Thanks for the note.

1) I am not related to C. Dent Bostic although it sounds like I would be fortunate if I were! Must be a brilliant individual.

2) I am not familiar with but would love to discuss partnerships. Let me know how to contact you.