Monday, March 31, 2008

Headed to CTIA Las Vegas

I made onto my Southwest airlines 737 this morning and will be departing to Las Vegas for CTIA shortly. This is my first trip out to this conference and I suspect it will be massive and loud -- full of new product announcements that both excite and under-whelm the attendees.

I am accompanied at CTIA by our (ChaCha's) head of business development Jay Highley and Kevin Mazzatta and Darin Leach who are also on the biz dev team.

We have a major announcement regarding ChaCha's mobile answers service coming tomorrow so please check back here to learn more!

Doors are closing - time to sign off.

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bena roberts said...

hi Brad,
I am the editor and owner of GoMo News - we write about mobile search services.
I would love to catch up with you at ctia.

can you email me bena at gomonews dot mobi?