Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ask.com Targets Women

So I knew Ask was not making any headway in its quest to make gains against Google and I expected Diller to continue pushing his unique features in an attempt to change all of that but what I just read on MSNBC is really a surprise. Ask.com has announced that it is shifting its focus toward married women who are trying to better manage their households. At ChaCha, we call that the "Dynamic Household".

According to their new CEO, Jim Safka (who I believe ran Match.com), the employees are really excited about this move.

"Everyone at Ask is excited about our clear focus and the trajectory-changing results it will deliver,"
I surely hope Ask is able to make progress with this new niche - as Walt Mossberg points out and I concur, the Ask.com user experience is better overall than rivals such as Google.

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