Saturday, October 20, 2007

ChaCha for Outdoorsmen

I am out in Mitchell, South Dakota on a hunting trip this weekend. It's an annual tradition that has been ongoing since I was old enough to walk. I haven't been on the trip in a couple years (and I am really not a bigger hunter - I mainly go to see old friends and spend some time with my Dad) so when I went to prepare for the trip I was unsure of the gear I needed to pack. I turned to my cousin Andrew for advice.

The ultimate sportsman, he can tell you exactly what type of gear to buy to prepare for your pheasant hunting trip on the opening weekend in South Dakota this year. Since Andrew is from Minnesota and he hunts in his home state or South Dakota almost every weekend, he knew that this year it is going to be unseasonably warm and (since it has rained heavily) extremely muddy. Thanks to Andrew I arrived prepared with waterproof rubber boots and lightweight hunting clothes.

Andrew is also a ChaCha Guide so it occurred to me that hunters using ChaCha would be much better prepared than those who might use an algorithmic-only search engine. You would need to tap into a dynamic source with deep, current knowledge of the hunting conditions to prepare properly for this trip. I think this is a great example of human powered search delivering answers that standard search engines such as Google cannot. If you Google "what should I wear for opening weekend of pheasant hunting in South Dakota this year" you currently get results about pheasant hunting in South Dakota but nothing about what you need to be wearing this season.

So whether you are planning to go hunting or heading to Desolation Canyon for a white water river rafting trip, give human powered search a try. You will be glad you did!

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